If your company is keen to tap into the enormous potential of the mobile market, is seeking differentiation within the market place and views the establishment of stronger and longer customer relationships as a necessity, then M2 Wholesale can provide you with the right answers.

M2 Wholesale, through our comprehensive wholesale offering, allows you to incorporate mobile services into your existing product mix, market them through your existing sales channels and do it all under the banner of your own brand name.

As the first and exclusively endorsed Optus Mobile Virtual network Enabler (MVNE), M2 Wholesale can provide you with a smooth and expedient access path to full MVNO enablement. We have the infrastructure, processes and the experience to guide you to market in a proven and logical manner.

Our “turn key” program, complete with a fully integrated and secure portal, links directly into the Optus mobile platform allowing you to directly manage your  mobile customers online.

Our commercial offering includes competitive wholesale rate structures, pre-formed cap plans, a definite path to 3G and access to exclusive hardware offerings.

Full training, comprehensive documentation and experienced operational support and account management ensure smooth and swift enablement (typically 6 to 8 weeks) along with dedicated ongoing support.